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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Beautiful Mittens Begun

Isn't it lovely? :)
The color actually showed up pretty well in this picture, even though the flash messed the wood all up. It's cool eggplant/purple/other colors variegated. I've had almost a whole week and this is all I've gotten done, kind of pathetic but in my defense I had to do a lot of swatching to figure out my guage (turns out I need to use size 3 where the pattern suggests 7 - suspicious? I think so...) and I've been crazy busy with last minute trip stuff.

Once again I should let you know I will not be at knitting this week - but I will next week, I'm sure I'll need a dose of sanity with only two days left before I go at that point! Speaking of which, any good plane knitting ideas? I might bring the mittens, since I'm positive they won't be finished by then, though I don't know what TSA thinks of size 3 metal double-points...

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Possum and Challenge of the Week

First, the possum:Knit in the round, unlike its older sibling. This worked very well except for stuffing its face (ha!). In case you wonder, the paper bag taped to the bottom of the cupboard is to act as a makeshift lampshade. I also write interesting things on it when I find them. The possum is hiding a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay. For your reading pleasure:

I'm the queen of the dishpan
My subjects abound
I can knock them about
and push them around
and they answer with naught
but a clattering sound
I'm the queen of the dishpan, hooray!

It's above my kitchen sink.

And, look who decided to join the rest of the class!

And last of all, the Challenge of the Week. I've recently volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and been assigned a Little. She and I went to the State Museum in Augusta Saturday morning, and had a good time inside. Afterward we went out and looked at the statue of Samantha Smith, and talked about her story. Little was interested, since she is not that much younger than Samantha Smith was when she wrote that first letter. We went back in, to the library this time, to look at a book about her, and again, Little was interested. Impressively so, I thought, since she is only 8. As we were leaving the library, she said "Next time we get together, we should try some Russian food." Hey why not?

But now my work is cut out for me. Can you think of any Russian foods that would appeal to the average eight-year-old? Especially one who calls herself a vegetarian (although I think that if the meat is properly disguised she doesn't have a problem with it - she ordered chicken nuggets for lunch). So far my best idea is pierogies, and maybe some beets for effect. And some good dark bread. But please, if anything else comes to mind, let me know!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

News from The Turtle

When I gave The Turtle to my god-daughter a few weeks ago, it made a positive but brief impression. In her 10-month-old world turtles, even ones with sweaters, can come and go, I guess. There are so many other interesting things to play with - the phone, the microwave, boxes of oatmeal... But I got a phone call from her mother last night, and all of a sudden it seems The Turtle (actually without its sweater haha) has been a pretty constant companion for the past week or so. And get this - she took her first steps last night, with only the turtle firmly in hand!

Here's the promised scarf photo - pretty cool, no? :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mitten Trouble

I lost a mitten today. I have no idea how. I was definitely wearing both on my way into church, and when I put my coat on afterward (still in my pew, mind you) one of them was missing. My neighbor and I looked under, behind, and around the pew, and shook out our coats... nothing. It's gone. Today this isn't a problem, it's a beautiful 39 degrees out! But on Tuesday it's only supposed to get up to 9, and I will want two mittens.

Here's the dilemma. I don't actually like these mittens that much, and I've been meaning to make myself some new and beautiful ones. This could be looked at as a perfect excuse. I'd probably have to get new yarn for them, though. Plus, I only have two days. I can probably manage one matching mitten in that time, and I even have the yarn on hand. I think sensible Sue might win on this one. Sigh.

"Have you seen my brother?"

Oh by the way the scarf is looking great - picture of that coming later!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Block Party

I'm blocking a scarf, I'm blocking a scarf, I'm blocking a scarf, hey hey hey hey!

It snowed a lot and I got a day off yesterday, so... lots of knitting happened. :)

Here it is in its pre-blocked state:

And close-up (and blurry - ack! sorry!):

I have never actually blocked anything before, so this is interesting to me. I'm also really happy that I finished it today - this is the fourth anniversary of my good friend Laura's death, and she'd taught me to knit the summer before. This scarf is definitely the coolest-looking thing I've ever made, so - this one's for you, Laura!

Other things I did with my snowy weekend:
  • pumpkin peanut butter soup
  • granola
  • vacuuming - and I broke the vacuum; maybe I never have to do it again?
  • tried a recipe for roasted garbanzo beans with parmesan cheese (the cheese was my very own idea - and it was really good!)
  • watched The Illusionist and Rocky - I was beginning to feel like the only person on the planet who had never seen the original Rocky movie
  • read several months of the I Hate to Cook Almanack by Peg Bracken (she's awesome! although you can probably guess that I do not really hate to cook)
  • tomorrow I need to figure out a use for a bunch of carrots - I'm thinking muffins