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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So I mentioned earlier that I've been very lazy, knitting-wise. It's true. But I finally managed to finish mitten #1. And before starting #2 I decided a happy, quick and easy project was in order to bring back the joy (and make sure that #2 happens sometime in my lifetime...) So I made a pair of these, and finished them both in no time! However, they don't match. On the first one, I missed the line near the beginning where it says "Rows 3-11: K all sts". Sigh. But they're fast. And I got to learn how to do a provisional cast-on, a cable cast-on, and Left- and Right-Leaning Increases. Not so bad, really!

In non-knitting news... well, I had company for 10 whole days at the beginning of this month, and just got back from a weekend in Philly (traveling was good knitting time!). I had an amusing revelation - I actually do use a train, a plane, and an automobile to get there! Not in that order (from Augusta to Philly, it's automobile, plane, then train) but still it made me laugh. And now that I'm back, yes, there is more cake. I was surprised and happy to discover that a 14" cake would indeed fit in my freezer. :) For the next two weeks, if it's below 80 or so, I bake. The checklist:

14" chocolate - done
12" white - done
10" carrot - done
8" white - later
6" chocolate - later