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Thursday, June 28, 2007

carrots and carrots and carrots

75 cupcakes and two cake cakes later...

no progress on the mittens. But it's okay. My house is (relatively) beautiful and I have company coming tomorrow night and I'm way excited! :)

No knitting tonight - but on my way to the shop, I noticed that there is once again ice cream for sale downtown. So when I saw the note on the door, I changed my destination and became a walking advertisement. Almost as soon as I walked away with my cone (it was strawberry ice cream - delicious) a guy stopped me and said "if you tell me where you got that, I know where I'm getting dessert!"

Oh other exciting news today, a coworker and I went for a walk down to the river this morning and saw a really really big fish jump way out of the water! It was very cool. I asked my boss (who is quite a fisherman) what it could have been, and the answer was a sturgeon. I looked them up then, and found out that they're older than dinosaurs. How nifty is that? Here's a quote I found here (the pictures there are exactly right, too, btw)

"But while looking at the rushing and rippling stream, I saw a great fish, some six feet long and thick in proportion, suddenly emerge at whole length, turn a somerset, and then vanish again beneath the water. It was a glistening, yellowish brown, with its fins all spread, and looking very strange and startling darting so life-like from the black water, throwing itself fully into the bright sunshine, and then lost to sight and pursuit."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne, Augusta, Maine, July 1837

Monday, June 18, 2007


Look how beautiful it is! :) :) :) I went to to Acadia this weekend with my siblings and parents and a cousin and an aunt and my grandmother, and I was not driving so I got to knit knit knit for lots of hours in the car. Perfect!

Otherwise the days are getting a little cakey. My mom and I are making wedding cakes for July 7 and for August 11. July's is actually a ton of cupcakes and just a little cake, an 8" and a 6" on top of each other. My fingernails are slightly orange from dealing with a lot of carrots haha... the August cake is the more conventional one and will seem like a break, I think. But something cool about the July one, she wants really pale green frosting with white filigree. I think it will be really cool! I love how every cake is an adventure. Much like every knitting project - hmm... I see a theme... :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Peer Pressure

Something I forgot to mention in my last post - on the Providence trip, I took a bus to Boston and a train from there to Providence (it comes out just about even money-wise, and I don't have to drive - woohoo!) and on the way home on the bus, I was sitting in a row with another woman beside me, and a couple across the aisle. And by the end of the bus ride, all three of the women in the row were knitting on something! It was great. I hadn't pulled mine out initially (I told you I've been lazy...), but when I saw that I could complete the trifecta as it were, I just had to!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

*this* *close*

My excuse for taking so very very long to post? I don't really have one. Except I've been lazy about both knitting and taking pictures of what I'm knitting haha...

I have, however, very nearly finished the first no-progress mitten (which will have to be renamed in the near future, it seems - hooray!). Today is the day that I conquer the laziness in one department, at least - I didn't want to risk it and put a photo up just now, but I swear, there will be one soon.

In other happy news, I have a new and awesome boyfriend - in Philadelphia!!!!!

And I have spent weekends in the past month in Boston, Providence, and Philly and had an excellent birthday and this weekend I'm meeting you know who in - did you guess? - New York!! The tour of the eastern seaboard continues...