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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


All right, all right...
Here's the thing - I have not only been a bad blogger lately, but also a bad knitter!! And now that I'm actually knitting again, my camera is in Philly without me (I forgot it last time I was down there...). But I'll post an update on the life of Sue anyway!

My last day of work here is going to be next Friday, October 26. I've had two in-person interviews and one phone interview for jobs down that way, and I've heard back on one of them (the answer was no - but I didn't like that one that much anyway). I took my couch to a friend in RI last weekend, and my parents came and picked up the table and chairs and coffee table - the result of which is one seriously empty living room!! It still has a tv and a rocking chair, though, so I've been watching movies and knitting more the last few days.

More mittens - along the lines of the neverending mitten from a couple of months ago but easier - I admitted to myself that I would probably never actually make #2, that was one seriously annoying pattern for me! But I'm happy with my plan for these new ones. It's the boku yarn again, and they will still be flip-top, but no fingers and the pattern is a simple mitten one that I've had for a while and made several pairs from. Oh also I'm going to try using short rows to make the top instead of the normal start at the bottom and decrease method. We'll see how it goes, but I was really happy with my short row results when I made the ruby slippers for my sister, and I never really like the top of my mittens.

D is flying up on the evening of the 26th, and we're going to pack as much as we can fit in my car and drive down on the 28th and/or 29th. D told me a few weeks ago that after quitting a job it's important to do something fun, so on the 30th we're flying - together!! - out of Philly and heading to Miami for a week! Cool, no? We want to find a really good tour of the everglades, and spend a couple of days exploring the keys - I'm excited!


Anonymous Blogless Carrie said...

Wow - exciting times! Thanks for the update -- best of luck on your transitions, and your knitting - keep us posted!

6:33 PM  
Blogger knitnzu said...

Wow!!! Look at you, short rows on the top of your mittens, great idea. A few years back we went to 'Shark Valley' in the everglades, not far from Miami (at least closer to east coast than west). They have a tram that takes you several miles back and to an observation tower. LOTS of gators. You know, how they lay there and look like logs? We were waiting for the tram, standing on the sidewalk, with maybe 5 feet of grass to a bank that sloped to the canal, another 5+ feet, then a 15-20 foot wide canal, and a 10 foot alligator on the other side. We (me with Nick, then about 4 or 5 and weighing 'lunch snack box size') took ONE step off the pavement and that gator was nearly all the way across the canal in a nanosecond. I yanked the kid back, hard, he cried, why did I hurt him... poor kid, I just didn't want him to be lunch.

6:59 PM  

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