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Friday, May 11, 2007

The amazing no-progress mitten

1, I thought it would be a good Australia travel companion, but at the last minute it decided it would rather stay on my coffee table while I went on the trip. Random thought: why are there not knitting shops in airports? Okay maybe not so random...

2, I thought I could work on it during the first week I was back (and terribly jet-lagged). This was a mistake.

3, I thought I should have been using size 3 needles, when in fact I should have been using size 1. Due to (2) I failed to realize this for quite some time.

4, As a result of the combined effects of (2) and (3), I took it all out and started over. It is now back to where it was before, only better. :)

In other random news, I had a funny coincidence this weekend - I came back from Boston on the bus, and at the station in Portland I was getting a juice from the vending machine when who should come up behind me and say my name, but - are you ready? - my seatmate Ken from the getting back from Australia adventure!!! The world is a very funny place!


Anonymous Blogless Carrie said...

Hilarious! Must be kismet again.

Your mitten looks lovely - bless you for your perseverance!

Hope to talk to you soon --

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Blogless Carrie said...

or is it perserverance? I can never remember, and don't do spellcheck...

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Blogless Carrie said...

I think it's the first.

And now you have 3 comments - two of which aren't really that good. Sorry.

7:53 PM  
Blogger knitnzu said...

That's pretty cool (about your seatmate)...what no dish about your Boston trip? At least your mitten is smaller than a sweater!

11:24 AM  
Blogger knitnzu said...

Hey Susannah! Libby is on the phone saying the shop won't be open Thurs pm, June 7 for knit group. Where are ya?

8:08 PM  

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