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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Block Party

I'm blocking a scarf, I'm blocking a scarf, I'm blocking a scarf, hey hey hey hey!

It snowed a lot and I got a day off yesterday, so... lots of knitting happened. :)

Here it is in its pre-blocked state:

And close-up (and blurry - ack! sorry!):

I have never actually blocked anything before, so this is interesting to me. I'm also really happy that I finished it today - this is the fourth anniversary of my good friend Laura's death, and she'd taught me to knit the summer before. This scarf is definitely the coolest-looking thing I've ever made, so - this one's for you, Laura!

Other things I did with my snowy weekend:
  • pumpkin peanut butter soup
  • granola
  • vacuuming - and I broke the vacuum; maybe I never have to do it again?
  • tried a recipe for roasted garbanzo beans with parmesan cheese (the cheese was my very own idea - and it was really good!)
  • watched The Illusionist and Rocky - I was beginning to feel like the only person on the planet who had never seen the original Rocky movie
  • read several months of the I Hate to Cook Almanack by Peg Bracken (she's awesome! although you can probably guess that I do not really hate to cook)
  • tomorrow I need to figure out a use for a bunch of carrots - I'm thinking muffins


Blogger Elaine said...

Never blocked anything? Oh, you're going to love the results on this project then. It makes the stitches so much more even. It's like cracking a whip on those rascally buggers and making them all fall into place, teehee.

6:56 PM  

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