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Saturday, October 20, 2007

a cone of yarn

My friend K lives in New Hampshire, but was up last weekend (when I was out of town, of course...) and I told her about the sale at the store. She was excited, until she saw that it wasn't opening until 12 on Sunday and she had to head South before that. So she asked me to see if there was anything sort of earth-toned and nice for a shawl.

On Wednesday there wasn't a lot earth-toned left, but there was a lovely cone of a nice rich purple (rowan? I think? it's mislabeled... wool, anyway!) and I picked it up for her. This coincided nicely with the Yarn Harlot's tutorial on washing cone yarn (here and here), so I asked K if she minded me playing a little and she agreed. So, last night after doing lots of moving stuff, I skeined a little bit around my elbow, tied it off, gave it a bath in dish soap and baking soda, and let it dry. And Stephanie is right, it does come out so much softer and fluffier! I really wish my camera was here, I'd totally do a side-by-side comparison. :)

In moving news, I'm quickly running out of furniture!! My bed and desk are going today - my college-student cousin is adopting them. He's from CA but going to school here, and classes started at the usual time this fall, so when he expressed interest in the bed I asked what he'd been doing until now. The answer? "Well I have some couch cushions..." Poor guy, I'm glad the bed came up in conversation!


Blogger knitnzu said...

Aha, now I get your buying yarn for others! What will you sleep on? If you'd like to borrow an aero bed for the week, let me know. It blows up in just a few minutes and sure beats sleeping on the floor!

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Blogless Carrie said...

Wow - sounds like things are winding down for you (no pun intended). Cool news on the cone yarn - best of luck on your move - keep us posted!

6:37 PM  

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