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Monday, January 15, 2007

Napkin Rings

Okay so they don't use up ANY of my yarn, but they were kind of fun and different. This is another knitty pattern, which you can see here.

Knitting with wire was interesting. For the first one, I just knitted from the coil of wire as it came, and things got tangled pretty fast. I was still getting the hang of knitting with the stuff at all, though, and I didn't feel like taking time off from the ring itself to deal with the wire. I made it to the end with no impossible kinks, but before starting the second one I rigged up this clever little contraption, which has the added benefit of being the perfect height for working on the couch! I was really quite proud.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Mission

I've decided not to buy new yarn until my current stash is under control (i.e. fits more reasonably into the basket I've assigned it to).

Some of what I have on hand is a little bizarre, so it'll be interesting to find suitable projects for all of them.

Today, though, I started simply with a turtleneck soft-boiled-egg cozy, pattern courtesy of Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. Who doesn't need one?


I got this pattern here. I've just been introduced to and I think I'm addicted now. It doesn't help that the current issue features patterns that "you can knit quick like a bunny" - that's my kind of knitting!

And from the side:

And with his sweater off. Fitting, since I had quite a tropical apartment for a few days there!

A Christmas Stocking with a Rabbit on the Back

I went to visit Katie one time last winter, and when I got there she was cooking dinner and wearing a great apron. I asked where she got it, and she said her mom made it for her. Then she asked if I'd like her to see if her mom would make one for me too, and I said sure! When the answer came back, it was yes if I'd make her a Christmas stocking. So here it is, front and back:

She actually made me two aprons, and I should confess that while she sent those to me back in February or so, I managed to procrastinate and mail this out on something like December 19. But it did get there on time!